Further Adventures of Salsa Lady

4th of July, 2002 - with Gracielle and Alberto
Gracielle and the food
Cruiseship being
escorted to the Gate
cruiseship 2
saluting departure
Jess keeping warm
Me keeping warm
Fireworks at
Jack London Square
fireworks 2
and more

To Sausalito with Brit visitors, Sally and Keith - neighbor Mike along for the ride and some instruction. August 2002
Good shot of the Rock
It's always better
with coffee
demon Jess
Demon at the helm
Jess Keith Sally
Me with Keith & Sally
K & S at helm
Keith & Sally
at the helm
A closeup
K & S watching
Must be something
interesting out there
Skipper Keith
Skipper Keith
Mike Anchoring
Mike looking
for the mooring buoy
Mike At Rest
Mike at rest
Mike and Sally
Mike showing Sally
how to steer
Salsa at rest
Salsa Lady at rest

September 2002 - Down the Oakland Estuary with my private 'band'
Passing by the ballpark
David got really
excited to see the
ballpark from the bay
Showing off
Rufus and Alberto
showing off their chests
Hanging out
The rest of the group:
Polly and Chris
Hey - there's Alcatraz!
Hey, there's Alcatraz!
Rufus eating
What He-men really do
David playing sax
Musical Accompaniment
down the estuary
sax 2

To Angel Island with Gracielle, David and son Jakob
First shot of Salsa with her red paint - November 2002

David and Jakob
David and Jakob
Jakob at helm
Jakob at the helm
Salsa Lady Moored
Salsa moored at Ayala Cove

February 2003: a short jaunt on the bay with Inda
with Inda
with Inda 2
withInda 3

August 2003 Caren, Adrian and Jeremy visit from New York, Uncle Lowell, David and Andy come along for the ride
Adrian relaxing
Adrian, 16, being cool
Adrian laughing
Jeremy takes in the sun
Jeremy, 11, being cute
Jeremy steering
Jeremy steering
jeremy posing
Jeremy posing
skipper Jeremy
Jeremy concentrating
Andy pausing
to look around
Andy and Jess
Posing with Andy
Andy in hat
Birthday hat at Chevy's
Caren with Lowell
Caren with Uncle Lowell
Caren with Lowell on boat
Enjoying the reunion

Jeremy playing sax
Trying out David's sax
Getting some
good notes out